Stryckers Bay Neighborhood Council

in partnership with The DOME Project @ The West Side Commons


The West Side Neighborhood Commons aka The Commons

Completed surveys will enable Strycker’s Bay & The DOME to schedule programming that best meets our community’s needs and interests.

Physically located at the De Hostos Community Center at 93rd St & Amsterdam Ave, The Commons represents a place for community members of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to pursue higher education, actively seek out personal growth, and advocate for social justice through their participation, engagement and contributions.

The term “neighborhood commons” was first widely used by landscape architect, educator, and psychologist Karl Linn, who guided the creation of many such spaces during the 1960s through 1980s, primarily in the northeastern United States. Linn envisioned a neighborhood commons in every residential block as the physical framework for the development of a new kind of extended-family living based on mutual aid among neighbors and intergenerational support. Strycker’s Bay and The DOME Project have long served as “neighborhood commons” models for the community. It is the DOME/Strycker’s Bay partnership that involved children, storeowners, schools, parents, and religious institutions in saving seven local city buildings as low income housing. It was a multi-generational, ethnically and economically diverse group of neighborhood stakeholders that worked together to raise funds, make emergency repairs, clean alleyways and made these buildings safe for the 200 families that lived in them.

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