Stryckers Bay Neighborhood Council

in partnership with The DOME Project @ The West Side Commons


As a community based, grassroots not-for-profit, Strycker’s Bay not only welcomes support from the community, but depends on it. We depend on you.
Join the Strycker’s Bay family & get involved!

If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, email

to impact lives.
□ Sponsor one child in LACASA Day Camp ($1225)
□ Sponsor one week for child in LACASA Afterschool ($150)
□ Support our housing eviction prevention counseling

GET the word around.
□ Bring five friends to our next event
□ Like us on LACASA Kids’ Facebook page
□ Like us on Strycker’s Bay’s Facebook page
□ Subscribe to Strycker’s Bay’s YouTube channel

CONNECT us with your resources.
I can connect Strycker’s Bay with…
□ Space for events
□ Publicity/Advertising
□ Event Underwriting
□ Corporate Funding

I am interested in…
□ Joining our fundraising committee
□ Serving on our Board of Directors
□ Volunteering at our future events

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